System Services

LEV assembles heat exchangers and vessels on packaged skids.  In addition we can mount other customer supplied equipment such as pumps, control valves and similar components and completely pipe the assembly.

Louisville Exchanger and Vessel, Inc. offers a variety of services including but not limited to ASME Code Stamped Pressure Vessels, ASME/TEMA Designed Heat Exchangers, Complete Lined and Coated Vessels and parts, Proprietary Thermal Systems, ASME/NBIC "R" Repairs and Alterations, API 650 Storage Tanks, Machining and cutting of parts.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

LEV designs and builds shell and tube heat exchangers in accordance with the ASME Code and TEMA requirements.

All heat exchangers are offered with full mechanical design complete with CAD drawings.

LEV offers thermal design capabilities for virtually all applications.  It is our preference to participate with the customer in the design process to insure that a practical unit can be manufactured.

Welding Capabilities

Louisville Exchanger and Vessel certifies its welding prodecures and weld operators to Section VIII of the ASME Code.  Whether your process design calls for mild steel or Hastelloy, LEV has the personnel to make it happen.

LEV can fabricate from but is not limited to the following materials:

     * Hastelloy     * Mild Steel

     * Duplex S.S.    * Nickel

           * Stainless Steel

Welding Processes

GMAW      FCAW      GTAW      SAW



Water Jet

LEV has an in house water jet allowing us to design and cut any material required for any project.

Machine Process

Due to our machining abilities and equipment LEV eliminates bottlenecks from the manufacturing process of designing and building heat exchangers and other components.  LEV can also provide custom machine parts, to close tolerances.

Plate Rolling

With our plate roller LEV can roll plate upto and including 10' wide x 1-3/8" thick.


Process Design

Our team has over 75 years of combined engineering experience in heat transfer, process, and mechanical design.  Our in house engineering team can help to design, fabricate and deliver a heat exchanger or pressure vessel that meets specific needs.

Repair Services

LEV repairs ASME Code Vessels under the provisions of the NBIC R Stamp.  This applies to any material listed as being within our welding capabilities.  Most repairs are done in our shop but we also  have the ability to perform field repairs.


Tanks are designed and fabricated

in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division I, and/or API 650.

Mechanical Design

LEV uses the latest design software to ensure that the mechanical design of your pressure vessel or heat exchanger meets the latest ASME requirements for pressure and temperature.